We sell our beef direct to your family in several options.

To order please email or call us!

Bulk Pricing:
$8.50/lb for a half (200-260 lbs)
$8.85/lb for a quarter (average 100-130 lbs)
$9.50/lb for a 50 pound eighth
$7.50/lb for ground beef (50 lb Box)
$8.50/lb for ground beef (10 lb box)

Individual Cut Pricing
Ground Beef                      $9.00/Lb
Tenderloin                         $20.00/Lb    
Rib Steak                        $18.00/Lb
NY or Tbone Steak       $18.00/Lb        
Tri-tip                                $12.00/Lb
Rump Roast            $10.00/Lb
Chuck Roast      $10.00/Lb
Kebab Meat                       $12.00/Lb
Stew Meat $9.00/Lb
Short Ribs                          $9.00/Lb
Osso Buco                         $9.00/Lb
Brisket                               $9.00/Lb
Ground Beef Patties        $10.00/Lb
Bratwurst                           $14.00/Lb
Hot Italian Sausage          $14.00/Lb
Sweet Italian Sausage $14.00/Lb

Please Call if you want to Order a Custom Mix of cuts that is not in our Store (at this time we only deliver to the Treasure Valley area if you order 10 pounds or more).

Processing and Cuts: 

  • Our standard cutting instructions are:

  • Steaks 2/pkg 1″ thick

  • Roasts 3-4 lb each

  • Ground beef 1 lb packages

  • Stew meat

  • Meaty soup bones,etc.

If you order a half you may give your own cutting instructions, if you buy a quarter or less we use our standard cutting instructions.

How much should I order? 
For a family of four, 200 pounds of beef will last 1 year (if each person eats an average of 1 pound of beef per week for 50 weeks.)

A great way to take advantage of the lower bulk pricing is to go in on a half or a quarter with friends or family.