Our Farm


Our family farm has been passed down through the generations for 85 years, and we are thankful to be continuing our family legacy of offering the Treasure Valley quality food. 

We raise our cows from newborn to full grown, and take the greatest care in feeding them a diet that is free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers. They receive natural health care that avoids antibiotics, stimulants, and growth hormones, and are looked after by our family. 

We use sustainable practices, combining modern and ancient techniques that protect our water, air, soil quality, and cattle. That sustainability also extends to paying our workers a decent wage, keeping our farm in good order, and working together with family and friends to keep Saint John’s a thriving and abundant farm. 

Our Thinking


Being thankful to God for the earth and His good creation, we live in ways that protect and nurture the earth while enjoying its bounty and beauty. 

We use less fossil fuel, have less water runoff, and run into fewer pest problems than our industrial counterparts.

Our grazing practices add to the fertility and health of our soil, instead of constantly taking nutrients that then need to be replaced with synthetic fertilizer.

As providers for people and as caretakers of the earth, we seek what is best for you and the world we inhabit, and will continue to offer a vision of sustainable agriculture for future generations.